Design of plastic products, molds

Design of plastic products, molds

"From idea to manufacturing"

Проектування виробів із пластмас, прес-формПроектування виробів із пластмас, прес-форм

Your company needs a specific plastic products? You have a sample and want to upgrade it for your own purposes? You may need us.

We are yours reliable partner! We produce plastic products for logistic purposes for more then 29 years. We may assist you in product design and in mold production.

We offer:

  1. Develop and approve a technical specifications considering end-usage features.
  2. Make several 3-d model designs and do analysis of their strength and loads.
  3. Select the best material and create recipe of future product depending on operation needs (temperature, humidity, resistances).
  4. Produce product samples.
  5. Do mass production on our facilities.
  6. Utilize product after terms of use.

If you are interested in production of your own plastic product please contact our english speaking manager tel.:+38 067 537 9889 or e-mail: