Flexographik printing on flexible packaging

flexo print

Flexo print - the most widespread printing method in the world. Such popularity consists of low printing cost, high image quality and wide range of materials that are used for printing (PE, PP, aluminum foil, paper, parchment).

We offer diffirent flexo printing services:
  • design production;
  • manufacturing of printing cliches;
  • manufacturing and selection of materials;
  • materials activation;
  • trimming in rolls.
Our production facilities
consist of flexoprinting machines
from Ukrainian manufacturer
Flexo technical information
Print width max, mm 1200
Colors max 6
Material thickness, mm 0,015 - 0,2
Lines <300

What we offer to you

  • high quality product;
  • huge product range;
  • any technical help.

If you are interested in our flexo printing facilities please contact our english speaking manager tel.:+38 (093) 315 3408 or e-mail: iebond@polymercenter.com.ua