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shrink film

Thickness, mkm 30-250
Width, mm 250-5000
Weight, kg 30-50
Type cloth, sleeve,  
half-sleeve, with fold
Standard colors White  black
Packaging reel

Shrink film allows you to quickly pack the products by heating the film. advantages:

- Made from virgin raw materials, which makes it durable;

- Own production guarantees the cheapest prices and the opportunity to make a film on your requirements.

We produce the following types of polyethylene film:

Rukav1 Rukav2 Rukav4 Rukav3 Rukav5
Cloth Sleeve Sleeve with fold Half-sleeve Half-sleeve with fold

At your request, we will make an additional: 

- Color film. 

- Print your logo, trade mark or any other information.

- Activation - preparation for print.