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Packaging for dairy products

Film for milk

Thickness, mm <90  
Width, mm <800  
Weight, kg 30  
Type cloth  
Packing roll  

Dairy Three film -
barrier film having improved physical properties than identical single layer film thickness.
It is made of three layers of polyethylene film:
  • the top layer of the print is made from polyethylene (LDPE - LLDPE) with white superkontsetratu and additives that improve the properties and quality of printing;
  • middle barrier layer made ​​of polyethylene (LDPE) with the addition of additives improving its quality;
  • bottom layer in contact with the product are made of polyethylene (LDPE - LLDPE) with the addition of black superkontsetratu and additives that improve the protective properties.
On the top layer we apply Flexo up to 6 colors according to your design or design developed by our specialists.
  • Dairy film protects your product:
  • provides protection from the sun;
  • strong tear film;
  • protects against environmental factors.
In addition to providing protection film on external factors, it is also endowed with qualities which do not allow the product to react with it. This confirmed by sanitarian conclusion of MoH of Ukraine №05.03.02-04 / 37416, which grants the right to contact with food and is the guarantor of their security.
Our film provide your fresh dairy products within 7 days, so the user will always receive only fresh products.
The properties of three-layer film is very strong, so it can be used not only for dairy products. It is used for packing:
  • goods with sharp angles;
  • goods that need protection from sunlight;
  • goods that are sent to service delivery.
Use this film for your product - reliable way to protect it.
Upon request by we your logo, trade mark, design or other information on the film.
We are open for cooperation and waiting for you.