Sizes, mm 1200х800х150
Weight, kg 12.5
Sizes, mm 1200х800х150
Weight, kg 13.5
Sizes, mm 1200х800х160
Weight 9,2
Sizes, mm 1200x800x155
Weight 6,9
Sizes, mm 1200х800х150
Weight 11
Sizes, mm 1200x800x182
Weight 9,0
Sizes, mm 800х600х150
Weight, kg 6.25
Sizes, mm 600х400х150
Weight, kg 3.1
Sizes, mm 800х600х130
Weight 2,8
Sizes, mm 800x600x150
Weight 3,8
Sizes, mm 600x400x115
Weight 1,75
Sizes, mm 1200х1000х790
Weight 44,0
Sizes, mm 1200х1000х810
Weight 43,0
Sizes, mm 1200х800х800
Weight 32,0

Buy pallets and pallets in Ukraine and Kiev at a bargain price

We offer and manufacture a wide range of plastic pallets, which allows you to choose the option you need: reinforced or light pallets (pallets), with a solid or perforated bottom, etc. It is worth noting that although plastic pallets are universal, since they are suitable for both transportation and storage of goods, when choosing, their specific purpose must be taken into account. This way you can save on the purchase of pallets. For example, if you want to buy plastic pallets or pallets for storing goods in a warehouse, there is no need to buy reinforced options, which are an order of magnitude more expensive. If you do not know which plastic pallets and pallets are better to buy, Polymercenter specialists will help you with the choice, advising the most optimal option for you.

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that cooperation with the manufacturer "Polymercenter" has a number of advantages:

  • High quality plastic pallets (pallets);
  • Wide range of products;
  • Different forms of payment, convenient for each client;
  • Flexible pricing policy;
  • Personalized approach to each client, needs and attention to customer requests.

In addition, you should understand that you can always count on wholesale prices and individual delivery terms - everything directly depends on the size of the order. We are always open for negotiations.

We also note that if you have any problems, you can always call the phone number listed on the website, and qualified managers will help in solving them or advise you if you need more information about pallets. But in any case, you should remember that we can buy plastic pallets and pallets of excellent quality at a low price .

It is not so easy to buy plastic pallets (pallets) in Ukraine, since domestic manufacturers do not produce such products. Despite the fact that there is no own production of pallets in Ukraine, such a product is in great demand on the market - plastic pallets (pallets) are used in the field of production and warehouse logistics, gaining more and more popularity due to their versatility, quality, corrosion resistance and ease of use. The company "Polymercenter" always takes into account the wishes and needs of customers, therefore, offers to buy pallets (pallets) of foreign production at competitive prices.

Buy plastic pallets and pallets wholesale and retail in Ukraine

In our online store of the Polymercenter manufacturer you can inexpensively buy plastic pallets and pallets wholesale and retail with delivery to all cities of Ukraine: Kiev, Cherkassy, ​​Chernigov, Chernivtsi, Donetsk, Dnipro, Ivano-Frankovsk, Kharkov, Khmelnitsky, Kropyvnytskyi, Kherson , Lugansk, Lutsk, Lviv, Nikolaev, Odessa, Poltava, Exactly, Sumy, Ternopil, Uzhgorod, Vinnitsa, Zaporozhye, Zhitomir and other cities and towns.

Production of plastic pallets and pallets in Ukraine

Polymercenter company is a reliable manufacturer of high-quality plastic pallets and pallets in Kiev.

In our online store you can order or buy inexpensively plastic pallets and pallets from the manufacturer with delivery to all cities of Ukraine.

Prices for plastic pallets and pallets

Prices for plastic pallets and pallets presented in the product catalog are retail. For large orders, special wholesale prices for plastic pallets and pallets are provided

Wholesale of plastic pallets and pallets

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