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Do you want to buy polyethylene bags in Ukraine? Looking forward to a bargain price? Then you should take care to find a company that meets your requirements. Polymercentr is not the first year in this market and can safely call itself one of its leaders. We work throughout Ukraine, so it does not matter if you want to buy polyethylene bags in Kiev or in any other city - we are happy to arrange operative delivery!

Polyethylene bags are one of the most affordable materials for packaging. Polyethylene is made of two types of HDPE (non-stretchable) or LDPE (elastic, puncture resistant, transparent) and can be used at -30 ° C.

Making polyethylene bags is not a difficult process. It should be approached with reason, so if you expect to receive high-quality products - trust us, professionals in this field!

Polyethylene bags have been used in many manufacturing industries, so their use is appropriate for:

  • packaging of loose products - the bags are strong and can withstand heavy loads;
  • minced and semi-finished packaging - the raw material from which bags are made can withstand temperatures of -30 ° C o C;
  • packaging of chemicals - polyethylene due to its structure is resistant to alkalis of any concentration, organic and inorganic acids;
  • packing materials for building materials - bags have improved barrier properties and withstand heavy loads;
  • canning and salting - the bag has no holes, it will not allow the liquid to spread;
  • packaging of vegetables and fruits - bags-protected products can be visually monitored;
  • soil packaging - the bags have sufficient strength to withstand heavy loads.
Виготовляємо ПЕ мішки під завмовлення
Thickness, mm 0,03 - 0,25
Width, mm <1600
Length, mm <3000
Weld seam single, 3  mm
  • colored film bags
  • Printing on bags up to 6 colors
  • Activate the surface to print

Always have

  • LDPE 1100*550*0,06 mm
  • LDPE 1200*800*0,09 mm
  • HDPE 700*500*0,02 mm

We produce polyethylene film bags of high quality. For their manufacture we use primary granular polyethylene. What is the best for you?

  • bags may come in contact with food, as evidenced by the hygienic conclusion of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine No. 05.03.02-04 / 37416;
  • bags can be used for freezing at temperatures up to -30 degrees;
  • increased durability compared to recycled bags
  • they are non-toxic and have no unpleasant odors, nor do they absorb foreign smells;
  • Can be reused, easy to wash.

Additional advantages of the fact that we are a manufacturer of polyethylene film for waterproofing, packaging and all the above-described variations of its use, there are advanced options when choosing a bag.:

  • Color manufacturing capabilities that will emphasize your product and add recognition among consumers
  • the ability to print on the packaging of your design, logo, trademark, contact and other information;
  • If you are the owner of a printing machine, we will make the activation bag for printing;
  • Reduce your costs by using recycled materials to make the bag.

At your disposal is a team of professionals who work daily to improve product quality. We are open and ready for cooperation! Call us at the phone numbers listed on the site to find out more about the terms of cooperation.

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