Polymercenter is:

  • team of experienced manufacturers of logistics plastic containers and packaging
  • flexible pricing, favorable conditions for regular customers
  • Ukraine's largest range of plastic crates
  • availability of production logistics for customers from anywhere in Ukraine
  • control of quality of manufactured products
  • openness to finding new solutions in the field of plastic packaging business of its customers
  • quality raw materials from manufacturers from around the world
  • advanced equipment and production technology
  • 20 years of experience in the production of plastic boxes, plastic film and other packaging materials for polymer

"Polymercenter" - a company founded in 1994 producing high-tech and high-quality products, the central range which is a flexible plastic packaging and plastic packaging. Our products are versatile and can handle all sorts of areas: milk and meat, sausage production, agriculture, bakery plants.

Our product is environmentally tested and quality and safe for you and the environment, as is made from raw materials, the corresponding specification. Plastic packaging carefully designed with reliability, long service that minimize costs associated with storage and transportation of goods.

Team "Polymercenter" - a well-educated and qualified professionals who know their job. We will always help you in choosing the products, provide full advice and recommendations in the range.

"Polymercenter" cooperates with companies from all regions of Ukraine, as well as partnering with CIS countries (Moldova, Kazakhstan). Our colleagues take primacy positions in the service industry, supply, manufacturing products in the European market.

Every day we work to improve products and production. Your growth, success and confidence that encourages us to go from the idea to the solution!

We have proven reliable manufacturer of plastic packaging, and it's time for you to see this!