Cup covers

Packaging for dairy products

Cover for the cup

lid stucture
Sizes Ø75, Ø95, 148*92
Material aluminum, polistirol
✓ Yogurt, cream, cottage cheese
✓ Desserts, salads, sauces
✓ Prepared soups, appetizers

Aluminum covers

The aluminum hood is used for sealing polypropylene (PP), polistirolnyh (PS), polyethylene (PE), polyethylene terephthalate (PET) cups.
The aluminum cover used to protect against:
  • water vapor;
  • oxygen;
  • light;
  • odors.
This makes it an ideal choice for products with a long shelf life.
Aluminum cover consists of layers:
  • primer;
  • aluminum;
  • Thermo-velding varnish.
To maintain the shape lid used kalander worm that presses in the hood print.

On the cover we made ​​apply Flexo up to 6 colors according to your design. And if you need to create a design, then we who have a great experience, develop and produce its cliche for printing press.